Our School Management Solution (SMS) is a Java Enterprise Solution built to serve the essence of the higher institutions of learning in Nigeria. This solution is enabled to work via Internet/Desktop. More so, some of its features can also be accessed via user GSM phones.

The Technology/Tools and Features of the SMS Solution

  • Sun Java Technology (Programming Language)
  • Works on any Java Application Server without modifications.
  • Application execution time is fast, not resource intensive.
  • Secured
  • Works across any operating systems platform without code modification.
  • Very small in size, maximum file size for each module is <= 2MB
  • User friendly
  • 100% open source
  • Easy to implement. Implementation time <= 4 days
  • Cost effective, getting more and investing less
  • Reusability, combining multiple activities
  • Interoperability with existing solutions
  • Cross database re-implementation - works perfectly with any database application server.
  • Database replicator features are available in case of server crashing/shutdown.
  • User Interface can be changed without affecting the Model of the solution.

Included in the SMS solution are the underlisted:

  • Application Data Management Template
  • New/Returning Student Registration Template
  • Result checker Template
  • Action Request Template
  • Academic result processing
  • Online library Template
  • Certify your professional skills

Invite us today for a demo for we will like to show you, first hand, how this solution will be of great help to you and your organisation.


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