How we can help bring out the best in your staff

Simioni Systems provide tailored in-house training to a diverse client base. We offer practical, flexible, and very interactive training programs. All our training programs run concurrently with real world simulations. This, in our opinion, will make our clients' experience very close to the 100% mark.

At Simioni Systems, we believe that making your staff go through training and retraining will not only make them more efficient on the job, it will significantly reduce the time taken for each personnel to get the job done.

On the long run, this will indirectly translate into staff efficiency, employee job satisfaction, cost reduction (need for an extra staff in order to get more work done will be reduce), and increased revenue.

Our range of courses includes:

  • Microsoft Office packages 2003 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)
  • Microsoft Office Packages 2007
  • Microsoft Outlook and Email
  • Microsoft Technologies (Exchange Server, Active Directory, etc)
  • Oracle10g DBA Admin I
  • Oracle10g DBA Admin II
  • Oracle10g SQL
  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • Oracle Forms & Reports
  • Linux Advance Server 4: Introduction
  • Linux Advance Server 4: Intermediate
  • Linux Advance Server 4: Advanced
  • ... and more

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